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The contrast between hot bodies and cold snow

We went to Crete for the sun... but were surprised by snow!

We worked what we got heartcool

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Why are the tree man

Touching himself?

Why so obsessed by

his own nice skin?

Let see what is going on

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Worship her

Worship her
I felt her body
She was observing me
and i was
afriad she would
reject me
she didnt
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Wild Harvest

Wild Harvest

You find a hidden path close to your house.
You decide to follow it,
As you walk along the way, wild nature grows by it's side.
You arrive into a beautiful medow surronded by forest and hills.
Here, all the people are naked!
What are you going to do??

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Live Feel Enjoy

Live Feel Enjoy

Welcome to the land where..
The human-beings live more animalic than you could ever imagine.
Here we operate from our instinct and our feelings.
We live in the nature.
We are nature.
We take joy in every thing,

Follow and feel the sexual energy unleashed when one of our females sends paring signals into the wild jungle.
How will the interaction with the wild mascule that hears her come to be felt?
To chase or not to chase?

Follow up the story in this explicit album!

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